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★ Seven star   Shenzhen Yi Jin investment

★ Six star   Cjhx Fund   Crowdfunding website   Zhonghai Fund   Huatai Fund   Xinye fund   Nigeria's first social innovation fund   Co Fund


★ Five Star   Russian Reproductive Technology Charitable Fund   American Online Loan Platform   Innovation Education Connectivity Fund   Personal Portfolio Management Tool Platform   Ukrainian Pension Fund   Global Equity Trading Fund   Project First International Fund Company   ENX • Fund - Funding and dream manufacturers   Diversified cannabis investment fund   388 capital   North American Energy Fund   Paw Fund   Aon Hewitt Employer Provident Fund


★ Four star   Investment Opportunity Fund   Architectural competition Fund   Middle East Peace Fund   Crowdfunding and fundraising platform   Debbie Callahan Art Fund   Haitong Kaiyuan Fund   South Korea Blue Fund   London AVUS Fund   Managers and future leaders Scholarship Fund   Snapshot Fund, connecting local retailers to raise funds   Reshape the congressional fund   Italy SME loan platform   Open - ended charitable fund   Loyalty Innovation Australia Limited   PAOM foundation


★ Three star   Skills Fund   Zhiyi capital   Dilys Trust Fund   New York River Fund   Silicon Valley Transparent Venture Capital Fund   Sirius Fund - Sirius Mutual Funds and Investments   Neighborhood Start Fund   Building fund   Korea Ricoh Fund   Venture capital firm   Namibian student financial aid fund   Israel's first student-run venture fund   Welsh Technology Accelerator Fund   Collection applies to career short stories   Venture Capital Fund   Shanghai Shuanglong Investment   United States Silicon Valley pig fund   Virtual currency application   Digital Investment Network Fund   Shanghai Ren cloth investment   Qianhai big Yao Fund   Unique Cultural Project Fund   Swiss personal lending platform for small and medium enterprises


★ Two star   Online fundraising platform   Outstanding social security fund   Shanghai Rui letter fund   The New York - based kirsan Fund   School Fundraising Platform   Huatai Securities   Portugal crowdfunding platform   Rocket fund, for teachers to provide online fund-raising platform   Tanker Fund   American Nebula Fund   FAN Fund   Carbon fund   Crowdfunding portal   BoHong ShuJun fund   Shanghai Honghu Fund


★ One star   France to collect donations and fund on mobile and web   Victory Fund   Star Capital   Real Estate Fund   American AKT Incubator   California Clean Energy Fund   Cloud Angel Internet Fund   Channel Fund | Let your technology start life   Russia roaming fund, legal aid foreigners "roaming"   Concord Fund, Concord Christian School   Shopper Lending   Pharaoh fund, commercial cash advances   Russia Educational Technology Fund   Custom Fund: A new early venture capital fund   DFM Digital Fund, London, UK   Beijing WoodStone investment

- No star   XLR8 Venture Capital Fund   Entrepreneur Private Equity Fund   Fidelity Fund   CROWD Fund Story   T-shirt funds, sell custom T-shirts to raise funds   Japan evergreen crowdfunding   Fast Small Business Loans   Japan True Technology Fund   US equity fund   Charity Foundation   Huaxia Fund   Crowdfunding website   Italian financial adviser's personal website   Waterfowl Fund | waterbirds and wetlands funding   Walker Fundraising Website   Open Technology Fund   Global Macro Trading Strategy Fund   Inspired Cancer Fund   Russian Family Foundation   Safe Harbor hedge fund   Clay Material Charity Fund   London stock Gem Global Macro Fund   Smart Bond Fund   Seed round fund   Crowdfunding website   Russia's first generation of fund   Climate Mobilization Fund   Storm Management Venture Capital Company   Scottish Difficult Relief Fund   African Code Data Driven Fund   Freedom Fund   Combination fund   Eco Business Fund   Honeymoon fund   Swiss Sustainable Development Fund   Green Climate Fund   Human Capital Fund   Haiqi Capital   Indonesia Education Foundation   British real estate opportunity fund   Israel Opportunity Fund   Magnum Foundation   Global Innovation Fund   White label crowdfunding   Bharat Innovation Fund   Anhry Parkinson 's Disease Research Foundation   New Orleans Real Estate Fund   Cass Venture Fund   Balkan Art and Culture Fund   Managing Partner Investment Management Ltd

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