Hedge Fund

Excellent, statistics, from a black box algorithm retroactive income management account currency hedging.

Exceptional Returns

The average monthly back more than 2.75%. As of January 2017 has been reported backtracking returns.


Value of trading account available online in real time.  High liquidity and easy access to capital.


All funds are held by the Russian central bank, the United Kingdom, Cyprus and other regulatory agencies. Money is still in your control and in your name at any time.


Last Month’s Live Performance


The average annual percentage of return


Average monthly percentage


The maximum percentage loss per year


The maximum percentage of profits per year


The hedge fund delivers exceptional returns from managed black box algorithmic Forex trading whilst minimizing risk and ensuring your funds remain in your control and readily accessible at all times.

Forex Trading

The hedge fund is a currency hedge fund built using a proprietary, black box, purely mathematical approach.

Exceptional Returns

Since January 2005, the average return on statistical returns has been 33%, with a total return of more than 363% since the beginning of 2005,

Mathematical Model

The hedge fund mathematical model has produced consistent returns in the currency market utilizing conservative risk management tools in its trading system.

Long term Experience

Led by GoldXF, both of whom have over 8 years experience developing currency trading models, The hedge fund has the experience to make your order.


PAMM is an acronym which refers to percent, allocation, management and model. This model is new and unique to the market and allows your funds to remain under your name and control at all times.

Risk Management

The maximum average monthly risk exposure by statistical backtrack is only 1.71%, minimizing your risk while maximizing potential profits.

Holding Account

All funds are regulated by some of your high ratings, the Russian central bank, the UK, Cyprus and other regulators, custodians, and keep your name at any time.

Transparent and Liquid

Instant online access to valuations plus a highly liquid, low leverage fund add up to high transparency and liquidity.




Percent Total Return since 2005


Total negative years


Total positive year


In 2016 the total percentage return


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