PAMM Account

PAMM features and advantages

  • No trading account number limit;
  • Can be part or all orders;
  • Assignment orders between accounts;
  • To ensure the financial security of each sub - account;
  • Easy to get started;
  • Can not use EA intelligent trading system at the same time;
  • Due to the direct result of the transaction issued from the client, may cause delayed execution;
  • With all the advantages of the MT4 terminal, orders and modify orders, receive brokerage mail and update data;
  • Can access the background;
  • Provide a user-friendly interface;
  • Does not support charting;
  • The minimum number of sub-accounts can not be registered with the standard hand account at the same time.

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Use PAMM to meet: not less than 3 sub-accounts, the total amount of not less than 10,000 US dollars.


PAMM is Metaquotes's designated software that helps professional fund managers manage multiple real or simulated accounts at the same time. PAMM both account transactions and financial investment function, is the use of advanced technology to create the account management tool, its powerful features and the use of a variety of tools, professional managers for the financial institutions to provide more opportunities. Customers can select the control account manager independently of PAMM on the basis of the restricted transaction POA. In addition, PAMM allows professional fund managers to use an interface while effectively managing multiple accounts. According to the PAMM system architecture, each account regardless of profit and loss situation, will be set in accordance with the pre-set distribution plan to allocate.

Before becoming a PAMM Account Manager, you will need to sign the POA form and agree to the terms of the partnership.

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